Boiler feed water
Efficient, standard and customised solutions for the treatment of boiler feed water for the smooth operation of steam generators.

Compact plants for wastewater treatment
Our compact waste water treatment plants clean industrial wastewater and wastewater from wash stations, and can be easily integrated into production plants.

Decentralised wastewater treatment
Decentralised water and wastewater treatment of water substreams is one of the major issues, which we research and develop further.

Emulsion splitting plant
Highly efficient wastewater treatment with compact EnviroChemie Lugan® and Split-O-Mat® emulsion splitting plants for emulsion-containing wastewater.

Energy from wastewater
EnviroChemie is a leading plant engineering company for sustainable solutions for energy-efficient and resource-friendly industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Industrial wastewater
EnviroChemie is a worldwide partner of companies that want to minimise operating costs for industrial wastewater treatment plants with energy-efficient and resource-friendly plant solutions.

Industrial water
EnviroChemie has been developing plants for the treatment of fresh and industrial water for over 35 years.

Micro filtration
Micro filtration is a physical membrane separation processes. Our membrane plants for the treatment of industrial process water and wastewater have proven themselves over many years

Oil separators
Aside from oil separators, EnviroChemie offers efficient and customised plant components for the advanced treatment of wastewater containing oil.

Physico-chemical wastewater treatment
EnviroChemie stands for state-of-the-art solutions in physico-chemical wastewater treatment, which is used across sectors in industrial companies worldwide.

Process water
EnviroChemie is a worldwide supplier of plants for industrial process water treatment, for energy-efficient water recycling and wastewater treatment.

Process wastewater
EnviroChemie offers tried and tested processes for the treatment of process wastewater treatment, which address different objectives: Wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling, water reuse or resource recovery.

Process water preparation
The aim of process water preparation can be wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling, water reuse or resource recovery.

Process water treatment
EnviroChemie is a leading European plant engineering company for industrial process water treatment, wastewater treatment and energy production from industrial wastewater.

Ultrafiltration is used in many different areas and industry sectors for wastewater and water treatment.

Wastewater treatment plant
EnviroChemie is Europe's leading plant engineering company for efficient and sustainable water and wastewater treatment plants within industry. Our wastewater treatment plant meets the highest requirements for efficiency, functionality and environmental compatibility.

Wastewater industry
EnviroChemie is an expert in compact systems for the treatment of wastewater within industry.

Water recycling
Industrial companies can save energy costs and resources through sustainable water technology, using (waste)water recycling from EnviroChemie.

Wastewater heat recovery
Energy generation from wastewater through heat recovery is a key topic at EnviroChemie.

Water purification
We set the standard in energy-efficient and resource-friendly water purification and wastewater treatment within industry.

Water recovery
Companies can reduce energy costs using innovative membrane technology for water recycling in industrial processes. EnviroChemie offers you the right solutions.

Water treatment
Water treatment using resource-friendly and energy-efficient measures for virtually all industry sectors is one of our core competences.