Water recycling with EnviroChemie – sustainable water technology

Treating process water and wastewater in a way that facilitates water recycling is becoming more and more important within industry. Through targeted measures, resources are conserved on the one hand and on the other, a valuable contribution is made to energy recovery, which in turn, saves the company money. With many years of experience, EnviroChemie specialises in constructing wastewater recycling plants for industrial companies from a wide range of sectors and installs them into industrial plants across the world.


The wastewater treatment concept using heat recovery at the industrial laundry facility CWS Boco in Germany, is essentially made up of a membrane biology system with downstream reverse osmosis, for example. The particle-free wastewater is then fed via a heat exchanger for heat recovery before it is discharged into the membrane bio-reactor, where the organic wastewater components are decomposed. Water from water recycling can be reused for all washing processes in the laundry facility. It is fed through a heat exchanger before reuse in the laundry facility and is preheated by the heat energy emitted by the wastewater.

Summary: Thanks to water reclamation, the company saves approx. 51 million litres of potable water a year. The sustainable water technology also reduces the annual energy consumption through heat recovery – a quality factor that has a positive effect on the environment as well as the budget for energy costs.

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