Minimising costs and maximising efficiency in process water treatment

EnviroChemie is a leading European plant engineering company for industrial wastewater and process water treatment, water treatment and energy production from wastewater.


Depending on the sector, different requirements are placed on process water treatment for industrial customers:

  • Reliable provision of the required water qualities for production (e.g. demin. water)
  • Recycling of water and/or resources
  • Reducing the burden on further wastewater treatment
  • Minimising operating costs through efficient process water technology
  • Zero liquid discharge.

It often makes sense to treat partial flows of process water to efficiently obtain resources from the process water or save energy. Operating costs can be reduced with the treatment of partial streams because process water treatment on site in smaller plant solutions is achieved in efficient, resource-saving cleaning performances.

EnviroChemie provides state-of-art, patented plant technology. Depending on the task, we combine systems for treatment using biological and physico-chemical processes, as well as membrane technology.

For complex tasks, we produce the optimum plant solution for the treatment of process water in our in-house laboratory at EnviroChemie, in our technology centre or with one of our pilot plants.