Industrial water purification with energy-saving technologies

EnviroChemie uses innovative, energy-efficient and resource-saving processes for water purification. Our experts from our own Research and Development Department are also on hand for the project planning and construction of plant systems for process water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment.


Significant energy savings can be achieved with our Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment systems. By using these biological plants, valuable energy in the form of biogas is obtained and heat recovered during the water purification process.

An example of ecological and economically viable solutions for water reclamation within industry is a patented recycling process using biological and membrane techniques for industrial laundry facilities, through which water and heat can be re-circulated.

Our tried-and-tested physico-chemical compact plants Split-O-Mat® SOM are continually updated in terms of energy technology.

No matter what requirements are placed on wastewater and water purification, in partnership with you, we will determine what you need and develop a suitable concept, plan the plant technology, manufacture it in production facilities in Germany and Switzerland, and get it up and running with you.

We are involved in a number of different ongoing national and international research projects, which aim to develop new technologies for resource and energy-saving water purification or treatment.

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