Gaining energy from wastewater

To capitalise on savings potential by treating industrial water to the quality required and producing energy from wastewater at the same time, EnviroChemie has been developing process technologies and concepts for energy recovery from process water and wastewater since the mid-1990s.


Reducing energy consumption is an important aspect for many companies. Under certain conditions these goals can be combined in an intelligent concept for wastewater treatment: By recovering energy, recycling water and minimising disposal costs and processes that obtain energy from wastewater, operating costs are significantly lowered. Saving fossil fuels reduces CO2 emissions and as a result, the CO2 footprint of the manufactured products, too.

Biomar® energy from wastewater

The anaerobic Biomar® process is very successful, which can obtain energy from industrial wastewater heavily contaminated with organic substances. During the anaerobic biological decomposition process, biogas, among other things, is produced, which can be used as an energy source. In addition, the existing heat energy is recycled in the process. This treatment of wastewater with heat recovery also contributes significantly to saving energy.

Further information on the topic is available in the EnviroChemie Whitepaper “Wastewater treatment in the dairy processing industry – recovering energy using anaerobic technology”.

The Biomar® anaerobic wastewater treatment process Energy from wastewater is used successfully in the food and drink industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as the paper industry. We will be happy to give you more detailed information about the application options in your company.