Water recovery within industry - cost saving and energy efficient

Alongside the safe provision of the required water qualities in industrial production, it is becoming more and more important for companies these days to reduce operating costs and install sustainable solutions for water reclamation.


Fresh water and energy costs are increasing continually as well as the disposal costs for wastewater to be discharged. EnviroChemie supplies sophisticated plants to industrial customers, which can safely provide the required water quality. These systems are used for water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment.


With Envopur® plant solutions for water recovery, the different water temperatures in the process are utilised to recover heat. Heat recovery using a tailor-made wastewater treatment plant facilitates a significant saving in energy and operating costs.

In industrial laundry facilities, for example, enormous amounts of water and heat energy can be reused using the Envopur® recycling system for washing water. Investing in water recycling technology achieves returns quickly because a great deal of fresh water and energy is saved.

EnviModul modular water recycling plants

The EnviModul water recycling plants present an effective solution for separating dissolved and undissolved materials by using a combination of technical processes with Envopur® membrane separation technology. In addition, colloidal and undissolved substances are separated by using ultrafiltration membranes. Following this, desalination of the ultrafiltrate takes places using reverse osmosis membranes. The water treated in the wastewater treatment plant can be reused for different purposes, such as:

  • Process water
  • Cleaning water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Cooling water refilling
  • Irrigation

If you are interested in resource-saving, environmentally-friendly and water-saving plant technology for water reclamation within industry, we will be happy to give you advice.