Wastewater neutralisation using an EnviroChemie neutralisation plant

In many industrial sectors and commercial businesses, a neutralisation plant for the treatment of wastewater is crucial, since approval authorities require that wastewater, which is discharged into public sewage systems or waters, is neutralised. The pH value must therefore be between 6.5 and 9. pH values deviating from this may damage the micro-organisms in the sewage plants or lead to fish dying and plant death. Acidic or alkaline wastewater is primarily caused by the purification processes or disinfection process.


Wastewater neutralisation is simple with the correct dosage of acids or alkalis using an automated neutralisation plant. We supply both Split-O-Mat® compact plants to neutralise wastewater before returning water indirectly to the environment as well as Envochem® wastewater neutralisation processes as a pre-treatment stage for further wastewater treatment.

Continuous wastewater neutralisation in practice.

We have created an automatic continuous neutralisation plant for production wastewater and cleaning water for a manufacturer of flavourings, food additives, perfumes and aromas in Dortmund. As part of its scope of services, EnviroChemie also applies for the approval planning for the construction and operation of the new plants as well their delivery. The continuous system for wastewater neutralisation is designed for a capacity of 300 m³ per day.