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How to destroy impurities from wastewater using hydrogen peroxide and iron II

Another Envochem® AOP process is used to oxidize highly active substances in industrial wastewater with hydrogen peroxide and iron II. Depending on the application, EnviroChemie engineers decide which oxidation method fits best.

How to destroy impurities from wastewater using hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation

The Envochem® AOP process oxidises and safely removes highly active substances that pollute the environment in industrial wastewater using hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation.

How to safely remove hazardous substances from wastewater using ozone

Envirochemie offers a reliable method for safely removing hazardous substances from wastewater in the form of the Envochem® AOP ozone technique. This process is particularly ideal for treating wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry that still contains traces of active ingredients that should not find their way into the environment.

EnviroChemie EnviModul-Documentation

Manufacturing of EnviModul modular plants

EnviroChemie Processes

No two types of industrial wastewater are the same. Each is as unique as the production process that creates it. Find out about the efficient solution for your water treatment needs right now!

EnviroChemie water and waste water treatment plants

EnviModul modular plants

Modular plants EnviModul for industrial water and wasterwater treatment and water recycling engineered by EnviroChemie - from the first step to shipping

EnviroChemie modular plants

Splitomat FAT_ENG

Splitomat FAT_ENG

Dairy wastewater treatment

Biological wastewater treatment for a dairy

Official AKIZ - Movie

EnviroChemie is a partner in the research project AKIZ - Integrated wastewater concept for industrial zones exemplified at the Tra Noc Industrial Zone in Vietnam. Film in Vietnamese with German subtitles.

EnviModul modular plants

An interview with Claudia Müller, Assistant to the EnviroChemie Executive Board, on the benefits and properties of EnviModul modular plants.

Komplett R&D project

Water recycling for hotel complexes, and leisure and shopping centres

The "KOMPLETT" project, which was carried out in collaboration with the universities of Bonn and Kaiserslautern and focused on decentralised high-tech water recycling, was concluded in 2009.

Energy from wastewater

Biological waste water treatment in the large-scale dairy Norrmejerier in Sweden with biogas production and sophisticated heat recovery concept.

Wastewater inactivation

Sterifix plant for the continuous thermal disinfection of wastewater.

Compact food wastewater treatment plant

Split-O-Mat® LIP plants have been specially designed for the wastewater treatment of food wastewater containing grease, e.g. from canteens.

Splitomat SOM

Compact physico-chemical process for wastewater treatment Split-O-MAT® SOM for many applications in industry and trade.

Compact DAF Lugan

Lugan® compact dissolved-air flotation plants for the further treatment of wastewater from washing processes, such as cleaning cars or parts cleaning.

Flomar DAF

Flomar® dissolved-air flotation for wastewater treatment and water circulation.

Aerobic Treatment Biomar OSB

Biomar® OSB continuous activation treatment with downstream sedimentation.

The aerobic process for treatment of medium to large volumes of wastewater in continuous operation. 

Aerobic treatment Biomar OMB

Biomar® OMB activation treatment with high-performance membrane

The biological process for the treatment of small to medium-sized quantities of heavily contaminated water, where there are high quality requirements in relation to the residual load.

Anaerobic treatment with Biomar ASBx

Biomar® ASBx anaerobic process with proprietary EnviroChemie EGSB process and biogas production.

Animation Envochem COL HD

The Envochem® COL HD process is used for the physico-chemical treatment of highly contaminated industrial wastewater with high solids content and also containing emulsified organic pollutants.

Animation Envochem COL L

Envochem® physico-chemical process

The Envochem® COL L process is particularly suitable for treating slightly to moderately contaminated industrial wastewater and rinsing water with low solids content.

Animation EnviModul

Modular plants in a modular construction system.

EnviroChemie technologies for water treatment and wastewater treatment built into high-quality housing modules.