Physico-chemical treatment plants Envochem®

We have standardised our Envochem® plants for the physico-chemical treatment of process water, wastewater and water circulation into two series: Envochem® DOX for batch plants and Envochem® COL for continuous treatment plants.

Typical applications for the customised plants are: Removal of heavy metals or metals, detoxification or emulsion splitting of process water. We use the following processes for these applications, either separately or combined: precipitation/flocculation/sedimentation, neutralisation, activated charcoal adsorption, oxidation with UV or ozone.

Envochem plants are, for example, used in surface technology, the glass industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in industrial washing processes, automotive or solar technology.

Our Envochem® DOX batch plants are supplied with a capacity up to 100 m³/d.

Envochem® COL plants for continuous wastewater treatment have a capacity of up to 400 m³/h.