Plant operation made easy – all of your knowledge in one place with the WaterExpert app

The new WaterExpert app - operational support for water treatment plants

This new app monitors operation and supports the maintenance and management of water treatment plant operating systems.

EnviroChemie is launching the new WaterExpert app in spring 2020, providing water treatment plant operators with an easy overview of plant status and quick access to important data. WaterExpert combines real-time data monitoring, alert management and virtual plant inspection rounds, as well as knowledge, maintenance and plant management. Remote access to the plant can be easily set up if required.

Users can retrieve information on the plant’s status from wherever they are and at any time to optimise plant operation easily and efficiently.

The WaterExpert plant operation app is precisely configured to users’ requirements. The app supports a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Remote process data monitoring
  • Process data archiving and trend analysis
  • Digitising routine plant inspection rounds
  • Setting up tailored alerts and messages with detailed instructions for solutions
  • Plant and maintenance management with direct links to processes
  • Improving knowledge transfer and reducing knowledge loss
  • Minimising recurring paperwork/routine work.

This app has been developed by EnviroChemie water experts for water experts and is optimised for Apple, Android and desktop computers. The web-based application has been tested by TÜV SÜD and the industrial hardware platform tools are certified to ISO 27001. The hardware offers industry-level security and employs professional security techniques for its cloud connectivity platform.

More detailed information, video and brochure about WaterExpert can be found here: https://envirochemie.com/en/waterexpert/

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