New Whitepaper: Microplastic in industrial wastewater

© Röhrenbild_SUNPOR_300dpi_GERALD LECHNER
© Röhrenbild_SUNPOR_300dpi_GERALD LECHNER

Social and industrial progresses continuously improve our everyday life by yielding new materials, which fit our needs and stand out by their specially designed material properties. Hardly any other material has affected world’s mass consumption and industry as plastics.

The pathways of plastics into the environment are manifold, but always strictly related to anthropogenic activities and influence. Polymers exhibit high recalcitrance to biological degradation resulting in half-lives in the range of months to centuries. Consequently, microplastics are accumulating in different environmental compartments and are hardly removable once having reached the environment. This Whitepaper describes the occurrence, the risks caused by microplastic and how to eliminate it.

Learn more about microplastic with the whitepaper: https://envirochemie.com/en/downloads/whitepaper/

Or about the R&D project EmiStop: https://youtu.be/PQXQgfM-__U

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