New products

We are continuously developing our product ranges even further. To do this, we improve the efficiency of the processes or adapt the processes to new tasks, for example tasks which we are set by our customers or which arise through statutory regulations.

Here, the focus is constantly on diverse anaerobic technology applications as well as various bio-film processes, for example using Biomar® biological treatment processes.

In the field of Envochem® chemical-physical treatment processes, we are constantly working on the formulations of our water treatment products. Important topics here are the improvement of efficiency, the environmental impact and the development of formulations for new applications.

All of our product ranges are continuously evaluated according to many different criteria, for example to improve flow conditions or the behaviour of membranes. Here we attach particular importance to cost-effectiveness, but also take account of energy and cleaning efficiency or process stability, as well as the robustness of the processes, for example.

Dissolved-air flotation optimised for water circulation systems

The injector system for dissolved-air plants, which has been newly developed by EnviroChemie, makes it possible to save operating costs because it is no longer mandatory for the cleaning results and the operation of the flotation plant to condition the water with chemicals.

The company has received German utility model protection for its specific dissolved-air flotation system from the Flomar® series. This modified version is, for example, suited to depleting the solids from highly polluted exhaust air purification wash cycles from washing towers or electrostatic precipitators. The task here is to reduce the pollutants from the cycles without substantial usage of salt and to thereby keep costs down. Complete clarification of the wastewater is not necessary.

Traditional dissolved-air flotation systems produce the flotation motive water through air saturation of a partial flow in the plant outflow. The saturation usually takes place using multi-stage pumps, which only run smoothly if they are fed with pH-neutral wastewater that is mostly free from solids.

The injector system developed by EnviroChemie achieves micro-bubble formation comparable to saturation by pumps. The air saturation of the partial flow is carried out by an injector pressure container, which is fed by a wastewater pump resistant to solids. A multi-stage pump is then no longer required for the operation of the flotation. Both alkaline and acidic wastewater can be treated easily with the new system. As a result, cycles can be treated with the flotation plants without chemical conditioning or neutralisation. The flocculant dosage is only required to produce separable flocs. If floatable solids are also present without flocculation, a chemical-free procedure is possible. 

We are continuously developing our processes for industrial water treatment

Using our own process technology laboratory with attached technology centre, we continuously develop our processes for water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment.

We develop new plants or further develop existing plants, within the framework of customer orders or the development of our own plants.

In our water chemistry lab, we test the efficiency of new high-performance chemicals in various fields of application. On behalf of our customers, we determine the optimum composition of water treatment chemicals for their treatment processes, then mix them according to recipe and supply the goods.

New Patent

EnviroChemie Awarded Patent to Process for Extraction of Aluminium from Suds

Working within the scope of the research strategy “Reclamation and Recycling of Reusable Materials from Industrial Production Cycles and Wastewater”, the EnviroChemie researchers have developed a process for the extraction of aluminium from suds. The primary objective of the research project was to find an economic process which could be used to extract aluminium in different concentrations from strongly alkaline suds and to enable re-use of the suds.

The addition of aluminium to the strongly alkaline suds reduces the service life of the suds and they become unusable over the course of time. The newly developed processed is based on converting the aluminium into a solid form (so-called zeolite precipitation) by adding soluble glass (alkali silicates) to the suds. The precipitates are separated from the suds by means of membrane filtration system with a cross-flow method. The recycling of the suds can function as a continuous process so that the operation of the operation bath does not have to be interrupted.

As Dr Engelhart, Head of Research and Development at EnviroChemie, reports, the process has already proved to be successful for the processing of suds used for cleaning bottles in the beverage industry.

>> Patent Certificate

New plant solutions

Reduce operating costs for wastewater treatment by using Biomar Ecomizer technology

Biogas, which consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, is generated during the anaerobic treatment of wastewater. A part of the carbon dioxide which is created dissolves into the wastewater in the anaerobic reactor, and the carbonic acid this creates leads to a fall in the pH value. As an alternative to using chemicals for the neutralisation required, EnviroChemie successfully installs its Biomar Ecomizer technology.  The operating costs of the anaerobic system are significantly reduced. Payback periods of just a few years can be demonstrated for this process, due to the savings on caustic soda.

We have already installed Biomar Ecomizer technology in a number of wastewater treatment plants for Baltika, one of the largest brewery groups in Russia. Tests at a large wine making cooperative in Germany have shown that the installation of the technology can also be of benefit there.

Electroflotation E-Flo-Dr. Baer expands the range of processes on offer

We have incorporated electroflotation technology into our range of plants, using the product name E-Flo-Dr. Baer. With over 40 years of experience in this specialised technology, Dr. Baer Verfahrenstechnik provides a mature process. The technology has been integrated into the system series of EnviroChemie products for water treatment, water recycling, and wastewater treatment, giving access to models that have proven themselves hundreds of times, in the field of measurement and control technology as well as pumps and drive technology.

This specialised electroflotation product complements the well-established Flomar® series of dissolved-air flotations. While investment costs are always higher compared to dissolved-air flotation, it can be used without any restrictions for water temperatures in excess of 80° C, and barely creates any foam. The precise separation of the flotate ensures a high degree of cleansing, eliminating the need for further filter stages. This makes E-Flo-Dr. Baer electroflotation especially suitable for the cleaning and treatment of water circulation systems.

EnviModul - flexible plant solutions for water and wastewater technology

Decentralised water and wastewater technology is in demand worldwide. EnviModul modular plant systems make it possible for water and wastewater treatment plants to be assembled in a flexible manner. Compared with classic, centralised solutions in mixed structures, modular decentralised plant solutions offer advantages when it comes to costs, flexibility and speed of implementation. We have developed the independent, modular EnviModul system as part of a BlueCompetence product development program.