EnviroChemie has developed steadily since its foundation in 1976 in Eschenbach am Zürichsee in Switzerland. It all started with custom-planned physico-chemical treatment plants and the famous compact wastewater treatment plants Split-O-Mat®. Today, EnviroChemie is a world-wide provider of proprietary technologies for physico-chemical, membrane technology and biological treatment of process water, water circulation systems, cooling water and wastewater.

1976 Foundation in Eschenbach in Switzerland
1987 Foundation in Rossdorf near Darmstadt, Germany. Expansion to become company headquarters
1989 Establishment of the sales office in Haarlem, Holland.
2000 Establishment of sales offices in Warsaw, Poland and Ekaterinburg, Russia
2001 Acquisition of the industry leader in the treatment of infectious and radioactive effluents, DTS Wasser-Abwasser-Technik GmbH in Friedberg, Germany
2002 Establishment of a location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2006 Enlargement in the field of process water treatment with the acquisition of Falk GmbH Prozesswassertechnik GmbH in Westerburg, Germany
2007 Establishment of the sales office in Sofia, Bulgaria
2010 Introduction of the innovation EnviModul - modular plant systems
2012 Extension of the customer services: water treatment chemicals, regeneration of ion exchangers, plant operation models
2015 Establishment of sales offices in Dubai, U.A.E., and Villach, Austria

Start with the fabrication of products for water treatment in a new production site at Rossdorf.
2016 New technical centre for research & development and pilot tests

Establishment of the sales office in Kenitra, Maroc

Foundation of Clearfleau Group Ltd. in Bracknell, UK

Enlargement of the process water treatment activities with the acquisition of Werner GmbH in Leverkusen. Germany

2019 Acquisition of Processing AB in Kungsbacka, Sweden, a leading specialist for spa and industrial water treatment solutions