EnviroChemie wins the VDMA Blue Competence author competition

EnviroChemie wins the VDMA Blue Competence author competition

EnviroChemie impressed the jury with its "Energy from waste" concept, involving biological wastewater treatment with simultaneous biogas production and heat recovery. The VDMA had launched an author competition among its members as part of its Blue Competence sustainability initiative.

Energy from wastewater

In dairies, large amounts of whey are generated during cheese production. This by-product can only partially be processed into animal fodder and whey drinks. The remainder had to be disposed of. Using the EnviroChemie biological wastewater treatment, energy can be generated from the remaining whey, which otherwise has to be disposed of at great cost. At the same time, resources are conserved and operating costs are reduced.

The operating principle used by the bio-reactor to produce energy from wastewater is based on natural processes. Microorganisms digest grass in a cow's stomach and partially transform it into biogas. The digestive products are excreted by the cow in the form of gas, liquid and solid waste. The engineers at EnviroChemie have transferred this process into treatment plants, which can be reproduced on a technological level and adapted to the respective wastewater conditions.

As well as EnviroChemie, the pump manufacturer Netzsch wins the Blue Competence author competition for a new pump system. "Both companies have shown that it is possible to develop products which equally meet the demand for sustainability as well as economic benefits. They clearly show that efficiency gains pay off for the company and the environment", said Naemi Denz, the Managing Director of the VDMA professional association for waste and recycling technology.

The prize is awarded on May 7, 2014 during the IFAT trade fair in Munich, at the VDMA panel discussion event titled "High recovery rates - dearly bought?"

-14.50 pm in the forum, hall B1-

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