EnviroChemie on track for growth with positive business performance

EnviroChemie started 2014 with a high order backlog of national and international contracts. The contracts, which were won in 2013 for the construction of customised and modular wastewater and process water plants, mainly originated from export. The key regions were Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. The orders for the traditionally important business, small and medium-sized compact systems for internal process and wastewater treatment, originated mainly from the German and Swiss markets. This also applies to the services sector operation management, maintenance and water chemical products. The establishment of an own flocculant mixing plant and the expansion of sales in the field of flocculation, coagulation and coolant care, resulted in a considerable boost in the services business, reports Gottlieb Hupfer, CEO of EnviroChemie.

In order to implement further plans for growth, building plots were acquired at the headquarters in Rossdorf and planning has commenced for office, workshop and laboratory capacity. The first structural extensions should be ready for occupancy by mid-2015.

The year 2013 came to a highly successful conclusion for EnviroChemie. Compared to the previous period both turnover, as well as overall performance and profit, have increased significantly. The number of employees of the entire EnviroChemie group also grew by 8%. The group now employs an average of 380 permanent staff.

Demand by national and international clients has been very lively in the first weeks of the new fiscal year. The volume of incoming orders is good. Despite some risks for the Eastern European market due to the crisis in the Ukraine, EnviroChemie has a positive outlook, according to Hupfer's assessment of the situation.

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