EnviroChemie expands the leachate treatment plant at the "Vereinigte Ville" landfill near Cologne

The operator of the "Vereinigte Ville“ landfill, AVG Köln, has engaged EnviroChemie to expand the plant technology for safe leachate treatment.

EnviroChemie will expand the existing leachate treatment plant to include another Biomar biological stage plus an Evopur ultrafiltration stage for sludge separation. The order size also includes sludge treatment and Envochem activated carbon absorption. The new plant can reliably treat 136,000 m3 of leachate per year to the specified limits. In particular, the engineers have ensured that the total nitrogen limit value is observed.

The start-up of the expanded leachate treatment stages is scheduled to take place in August 2018.

Formerly, the municipal waste of the City of Cologne was disposed of at the landfill in  Erftstadt-Liblar, which has been in operation since 1970. Since 2005, only inert materials have been deposited there.

In order to operate the landfill economically and according to the required environmental standards, AVG Köln continuously modernises and updates operation or the necessary plant technology. It continually expanded and improved the existing leachate treatment capacities and upgraded the gas extraction system.

Due to increasing leachate quantities in recent years and simultaneously increasing pollutant concentration in the leachate, the installed plant technology was no longer able to treat the incidental pollutant loads completely. As a result, a part of the untreated leachate had to be disposed of externally. Therefore EnviroChemie was charged with the expansion of the plant technology.

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