Purifying wastewater from industry efficiently and economically

EnviroChemie compact plants ensure the thorough purification of wastewater, which is contaminated by pollutants and contaminants by industrial cleaning and rinsing processes.


The compact plants developed by EnviroChemie for the treatment of wastewater within industry provide an effective and efficient solution for companies across many sectors. The compact, modular design of the systems for water purification enables simple installation. Depending on the requirements for wastewater treatment in the different branches of industry, individual modules can be modified specifically to the corresponding needs or enhanced as necessary.

The high degree of standardisation of the plants for wastewater treatment contributes significantly to the efficiency of the production process. In addition, EnviroChemie’s wastewater treatment plants are readily available and can be easily integrated into the production chain.

Wastewater is contaminated in different ways, depending on the industry and production process. EnviroChemie offers an efficient wastewater treatment plant with a suitable treatment process for every requirement, which ensures economical and efficient purification of the wastewater to the required discharge levels.

Find out more detailed information on our range of compact plants:

  • Split-O-Mat® emulsion splitting plants
  • Lugan® flotation plants
  • Grey water recycling
  • Flue gas neutralisation
  • EnviModul modular plant systems

When it comes to the proper treatment of wastewater within industry, we are the strong partner by your side!