Microfiltration - membrane technology with many applications

This filtration technology is used in all areas in which wastewater is used as part of constantly repeated processes, such as purification or surface treatment processes. Envopur® microfiltration from EnviroChemie can be used profitably and generate economic and environmentally-friendly benefits for the customer.


The process is simple: All content in water or wastewater that is larger than the pores of the membrane in the microfilter are retained by the membrane.

In addition to microfiltration, ultrafiltration is also available. The separation limit is the difference between these two filtration techniques: Microfiltration refers to filtration where the pores are larger than 0.1 micrometres. On the other hand, a pore size smaller than 0.1 µm is usually already classed as ultrafiltration. The membrane pores used in nanofiltration are even finer.

EnviroChemie offers you different modules for the microfiltration process, such as pipe modules for the treatment of wastewater, or wound or hollow fibre modules, which are used to filtrate fresh water or industrial water in the micro range.

With our many years of experience in membrane separation techniques, we will be happy to share our expert knowledge with you.

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