Contract from the pharmaceutical industry for a modular oxidation plant to treat wastewater

Compact arrangement of the oxidation plant components in the Envimodul
Compact arrangement of the oxidation plant components in the Envimodul

A German pharmaceutical manufacturer has commissioned Envirochemie with providing an Envochem plant for the oxidation of the wastewater from its production processes. The plant itself is to be built based on the modular concept of the Envimodul.

In the Envochem oxidation reactor developed and built by Envirochemie, a partial flow of wastewater from the production process is treated with hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation. This is to ensure pharmaceutical active substances that are hazardous to people and the environment are destroyed in a targeted and efficient manner. The pre-treated partial flow is then mixed with the remaining wastewater and indirectly discharged.

The Envimodul concept was selected for the modular design of the wastewater treatment plant, as the company is keen to be able to respond flexibly to future expansion or changes in production and the modular plant is easy to upgrade.

This autumn, Envirochemie is building and supplying yet another modular Envochem oxidation plant – this time for a Slovenian pharmaceutical manufacturer whose production facility is based in Croatia.

The modular wastewater treatment plants are almost entirely pre-assembled at Envirochemie’s Rossdorf site, meaning the level of installation work required at the customer’s site can be kept to a minimum.

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