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EnviroChemie – water and wastewater treatment for industry

Our engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements. Plant solutions for water recycling, resource recycling, zero discharge requirements or biogas production save valuable resources and energy. We supply plants "Made in Germany" to customers around the world.

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12/09/2016 - Change in the Management at EnviroChemie - Gottlieb Hupfer leaves the Management Board

The long-standing CEO of EnviroChemie, Gottlieb Hupfer, is leaving the Management Board of the company as planned at the end of September, after reaching his 61st birthday. He will remain associated with the company in an advisory capacity.

Mr Hupfer has managed the company, which was founded in Switzerland 40 years ago, since 1988, and in...

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15/08/2016 - New anaerobic technology for wastewater pre-treatment in the Warstein sewage treatment plant

The new plant for anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment in the Warstein sewage treatment plant has been in successful operation since July. It is equipped with a new Biomar anaerobic reactor developed by EnviroChemie.

In this new biological plant, the brewery wastewater is pre-treated anaerobically, at the same time generating biogas. The...

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For industrial water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment.

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Professional wastewater treatment with customised plants

Our innovative processes for wastewater treatment in industrial and commercial applications are in strong demand. For 40 years, we have been using our considerable expertise to develop tailored solutions for our customers. The plants for the treatment of process water, boiler water, cooling water, circulating water and wastewater are designed and built in Germany and Switzerland according to your individual requirements.

State-of-the-art wastewater technology

EnviroChemie stands for modern wastewater technology, which can be used in a wide range of sectors. We regularly participate in national and international research projects for the development of innovative technologies for water treatment.

Biological, membrane and physico-chemical wastewater treatment

We use proprietary processes, depending on the application: Envochem® physico-chemical wastewater treatment, Envopur® membrane processes such as ultra-filtration, or Biomar® biological processes, for example to generate energy from wastewater. Process combinations are often necessary to meet the water quality requirements.

Resource-friendly water and wastewater treatment

In addition to the reliable provision of the water qualities required, these days customers worldwide demand energy-efficient and resource-friendly concepts for water and wastewater treatment. Please contact us and let us advise you if you would like to save resources, for example with plants for water recycling or water reclamation. Or if you would like to save energy by implementing a heat recovery concept or generate energy from wastewater. We only use energy-efficient components for your wastewater technology.